Can I Build My Own Pool?

Pool kit is provided with DVD and instructions so you can build your own pool and save a lot of money if you have the time. Or you can organise a local builder or landscaper to build the pool if there is not a specialised pool company in your area.

To build a kit set pool:

  • Mark out the size of the pool on the ground
  • Order the pool kit
  • Organise an excavator to dig the pool out and remove the soil
  • Set up the braces as per instructions by a builder or your self
  • Organise a concrete contractor to lay the floor
  • Builder or owner frames up pool
  • Plumbing to be done by owner
  • Backfill to be done by labourers or machinery
  • Liner to be fitted by local pool contractor or by owner
  • Copings to be installed by landscape contractor
  • Organise fencing contractors to install surrounding fences
  • Concrete contractors to lay surrounding concrete
  • Builder to construct decking


There are cheaper pools available on the market, and they will serve the purpose, ie. to provide a swimming hole in the back yard. But when you have spent all the money on the surrounds, landscaping, fencing etc. you still have a cheap looking pool, where as you can spend a bit more at the start for a Finishrite kitset pool, and the end result is remarkably upgraded. The surround costs will still be the same, the installation cost are a little more, but the finished look is a great investment.

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