Our Pools

We specialise in the construction of vinyl liner swimming pools. 

The liners we use are Nylex Aqualux™ which provides a tough but silky smooth finish. Nylex Aqualux™ is silky smooth to touch and non-abrasive – protecting you and your children against unpleasant cuts and scrapes.used in more than 20,000 in-ground pools around that country.
Aqualux™ is a pool finish developed and manufactured in Australia by Nylex and has been used in more than 20,000 in-ground pools around that country.
Nylex Aqualux won’t chip, crack or flake and is the toughest flexible pool finish available. Its unique multi-layer construction protects against harmful chemical and UV rays and resists algae and fungal growth.
Warranted by Nylex for seven years, Aqualux™ comes in a choice of designer patterns and colours that create a stunning visual presence and delivers the ultimate pool interior with a silky smooth finish.

Aqualux Vinyl Pool Liner Colour Options

at SkyBlue

Sky Blue
(.57, .75)

at DarkBlue

Dark Blue
(.40, .57, .75)

at AquaBlue

Aqua Blue
(.57, .75)

at Pacific

(.57, .75)

at TropicalCarribean


at Maldive


at Nero


nylex oxford tile

Oxford Tile Band and
Reflections Print (.75)

at Casablanca

(.57, .75)

at StTropez

St Tropez

at CostaRica

Costa Rica

at Panama


The colours depicted above are for illustrative purposes only. Colours shown are as close as possible to actual vinyl colours. Colour may vary between runs.

Please contact us for the complete list of available colours.


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