New Finishrite pool replaces the old Para


New Finishrite pool replaces the old Para

To whom it may concern.

It is a difficult decision to decide on a concrete, fiberglass or vinyl pool. For most people cost also has to be weighed into the equation. This was me Kevin Wilton wanting a pool not knowing the answers as to what type and not wanting to be over charged. The pros and cons of each of the pools mentioned requires considerable time with investigation. Thank you Google.

It is there on Google that I became acquainted with Finishrite Pools and Danny. I had had a para pool before so had some background as to what I wanted and questions that I needed to ask for improvements on my previous pool. Danny was awesome to say the least. Yes there is always faith and trust that you are going to get what your expectations are. Bottom line. I got everything I
wanted and more for a far and reasonable price from Finishrite Pools and Danny, hence I take delight in writing this testimonial so as to assist any other would be pool purchaser.
The Vinyl is nothing like the original vinyl that was on my previous pool, this is tough. The shape -whatever you want and can afford. The depth no problem. The structure solid as. Concrete floor wonderful.

And I have steps in a vinyl pool (they are the best thing since sliced bread) and a night light. You can add or take away. You can do some of it yourself, (don’t bother, wife was right, get Danny to do it and just enjoy).  You can have a hand rail (that’s a must). Salt or Chorine – no question go for salt. And Danny, what can I say- hard worker, very knowledgeable, open,
reliable, honest, will listen to ones questions. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Danny and Finishrite Pools to any would be Purchaser. One recommendation: Don”t wait till October to build your pool. Do what we did, early in the year and then sit back and wait for the sun.

Thanks again, its had the desired effect, people and kids love being here, and has had a real thrashing so far this season , great. Warm Regards Kevin Wilton.

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